A Summer Of New Experiences.

This blog is about my summer. My summer, & basically my life. So take a look, & feel free to give advice.

Things that start with M.

Today I found myself pondering this question:
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I came to the conclusion that this question makes absolutly no sense. Although, if you consider where it came from, it’s not a big surprise. Alice in Wonderland is not only mad, but totally bonkers. Good news is, the best things are. Johnny Depp, in my opinion, did an outstanding job with this part. I’ve seen the movie twice already, & I’m planning on seeing it again.
If nothing in this post has made sense to you, you need to see Alice in Wonderland.
One more thing..I love my fat boys. (:


Down with Laziness.

A quick note:

Today was..unexplainable. There was lots of things to do, yet not much got done. I blame myself. I believe laziness is a disease, one without a cure. Well, without a medical cure, at least. Its something that is hard to snap out of, but I’m working on it. Well, that was basically my day. Homeschool convention in 2 days, gotta get packed up. (:

Summer mission.

Today was crazy. It started after my last post. Bad stomach pains are never fun late at night. So this morning, I was pretty drained. But, I made it through. I spent the rest of the day at the beach for my best friend’s birthday party, which was a blast, by the way. (:

A fun dinner at Moe’s followed. Justin Bieber karaoke in the car never fails to make me laugh.  I always have fun with my favorite Ebanks.

And so starts my summer, my summer full of new experiences. As for my missions this summer, they are as follows: Make as many unforgettable memories as possible. Create stories worth telling over & over. Get out of my comfort zone. Become a better person.

Just a beginner.

As you already may know, my name is Mikaela. I’m extremely new to blogging & I haven’t even figured out the ‘Settings’ portion of this thing yet. Sad, don’t you think?

 My first thought upon someone suggesting I start a blog was, “What’s the point?” Blunt, I know. But after further contemplation on the subject, ( by the way, I don’t always talk this proper, so don’t get used to it.) I realized, when I’m old & grey, I want to remember what it was like to be a teenager. Of course, it may be easier to simply journal, but this is more fun, more of a challenge.

So, it was decided. I was going to start a blog. After learning my older brother had started a blog & so far only posted one thing, my thought was, “Hey, I can beat that.” Even though this is my first post, I already see that this is going to be harder than it looks.

Of course, it would be easier if I had more sleep. And so, I say goodnight.

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. He alone is my Rock & my Salvation; He is my Fortress, I will not be shaken. Psalm 62:5-6